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URL’s from the 4/13 meetup!

Good morning, people of humbler times!
My associates and I, we come to you from the future.
That’s right, we come from the future and we have many stories to tell.
Stories of war, stories of science, oh yes, things that will change your lives forever.
But all we’re prepared to divulge today are these tumblr URL’s from the meetup.  -  Denny, Mod D.  -  Matt, Mod M.  Pretty cool guy.  He was the guy going around in the Terezi shirt, keeping a keen eye over all you punk ass kids getting on my lawn and being a general nuisance.  Back in my days we woulda…  /  -  Izzy.  A fabulous cosplayer and artist!  She was the Punk Trickster Roxy! Caution, this may contain high levels of metal.  -  Alert, cutie ahead.  This is Jess, excellent cosplayer, artist and general all round awesome person.  She was the Punk Trickster Jane!  - Yosh.  This is me.  (I was God tier John, ze)  -  Reii. Warning, unhealthy levels of adorable, proceed at your own risk.  -  Sean K.  -  Kit.  -  Sadhbh.  -  Kali.  -  Katie, a wonderful Sollux, with too many glasses.  -  Frances.  -  Toni  -  Rowan, Meenah at the meetup.  Some of you may remember her as the fantastic Vriska from Eirtakon!  -  Susan, otherwise known as Fufan, due to me not being able to do basic human things, such as listen and spell.  -  Luke.  Literally.  -  Kiann, A pretty great Terezi and Jade cosplayer!  -  Emily.  -  Nicole.  -  Fiona.  -  Jess.  Another Jess.  There are like 3 of you guys, I swear.  -  Rebecca.  -  Isobel.  -  This was the amazing Aradia cosplayer!  Blog is looking a tad empty though?  I might have the wrong url, whoops.  -  Orla.  -  Isabelle.  She was the Dave cosplayer!  She’s done some pretty amazing cosplays before.  Kurloz and Rufioh coming to mind!  -  This was the totally terrifying (And pretty awesome) Caliborn we had!  -  Abbie.  She’s done some really swell Rose cosplays before!  Wasn’t in cosplay this meetup, but still cool as heck!

Welp, those are the urls that I have,  If you want me to add yours to this, just send me a message!

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